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Chap Chye

Recipe Name: Chap Chye

Category: Nonya/Singapore

This is a traditional Nonya mixed vegetable (chap chye) dish, which is simple to prepare yet delicious.

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a) 25 gm "tung hoon" (transparent vermicelli)
b) 20 gm "kim chiam" (dried lily flower buds)
c) one small handful of "bok nee" (black edible fungus)
d) 4 pieces of "tee tow kee" or "tim chok" (dried sweet bean curd strips)
e) half a small cabbage
f) 1 small carrot
g) 2 pips of garlic
h) 2 red onions
i) 1 Tbsp "tau cheow" (fermented, salted soybeans)
j) several gingko nuts (optional)
k) 6 Tbsp cooking oil
l) salt and sugar to taste


First, pound together in a mortar, the items g) to i).
Cut up the cabbage into small sections, and slice the carrot.
Soak all the dried ingredients for at least 30 minutes in some warm water, until they are softened.
- The "tung hoon" should be soft, and the lily buds should have become bloated.
- Tie the lily buds in individual knots and put aside.
- Cut the "tim chok" into one inch strips, and fry in oil until light brown.
Using a small amount of cooking oil, fry in a wok or pan, the pounded "tau cheow", onion and garlic mixture.
Add all other ingredients except the cabbage, season to taste, and then a small amount of water.
Stir together when adding in the cabbage last, and simmer until tender; about 15 minutes.
- If Chap Chye Soup is required, add water or soup stock at this point and simmer about 15 minutes.

To Serve: Ladle into a bowl and serve with other Nonya dishes and steamed rice.

Comments: This dish may be prepared fairly dry or in "soup" form by adding more water or soup stock, according to preference.


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