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(#6a) Udang Sambal with Petai

(#6b) Udang Sambal (bottom), also showing Nasi Lemak spread of Kang-Kong (left), Ikan bilis (right) & Otak wrapped in banana leaf (top right)

Recipe Name: (Prawn) Udang Sambal

Category: Nonya/Singapore

Prawn sambal goes well as an accompaniment to either steamed white rice or to coconut rice (nasi lemak).

Ingredients List: goto glossary

a) 1/2 Kg of medium sized prawns
b) 5 buah belimbing or several seeds of petai (optional)
c) half a coconut - pati
d) 1 leaf of limau purot
e) 1 green chillie
f) 3 red chillies
g) 5 dried chillies
h) 2 buah keras
i) 10 red onions
j) 1 inch sliced piece of belachan - roasted
k) salt, sugar and limes or lime juice to taste
l) 5 Tbsp cooking oil
m) several mint leaves for garnishment


First, soak the dried chillies in warm water for at least 15 minutes.
Shell and devein the prawns, and then cut the buah belimbing lrngth-wise in halves.
Seed and cut in half one each of the green and the red chillies.
Prepare the "rempah" by pounding together in a mortar, 2 red chillies and all the items g) to j).
Add oil to a heated pan or wok and fry the rempah mixture, and then add the prawns followed by the optional buah belimbing or petai.
Add the salt and sugar to taste, then the coconut "santan pati".
Next, add the cut chillies and the limau purot, and simmer for several minutes.
Finally, add lime juice to taste.

To Serve: Garnish with the mint leaves before serving.

Comments: The Prawn Sambal may be prepared with, or without either the buah belimbing or the petai.
The picture (#6a) shows the version of the sambal with petai, while (#6b) shows Prawn Sambal without either belimbing or petai and served with Nasi Lemak and its traditional dishes. Also refer to Sambal Stuffed Fish



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