Nonya Recipes #2

Enchee Kaybin

Recipe Name: Penang Enchee Kaybin

Category: Nonya/Penang

Penang Enchee Kaybin is essentially fried chicken, but with a difference. Try it to find out why it is so special.

Ingredients List: goto glossary

a) 1 whole chicken (about 2Kg)
b) half a coconut - pati
c) 2 tsp salt
d) 2 tsp light soy-sauce
e) half tsp pepper
f) 1 tsp sugar
g) 1 tsp MSG (optional)
h) 1 stalk lemon grass (serai)
i) 15 red onions
j) half-inch piece of belachan
k) 1 inch slice of yellow-ginger (kunyit)
l) cooking oil for frying the chicken
m) optional garnishment of fried white bread or keropok and handful of sliced fresh red chillies with dipping sauce recipe shown below.


Cut the chicken into large pieces. The items h) to k) which make up the "rempah" are pounded together in a stone mortar (preferred), or nowadays a food processor could be used for the same purpose. After the "rempah" is ready, mix together with all the other items listed (items a) to g), except garnishment and the cooking oil of course), and use as a marinade for the chicken pieces. Leave for one hour to marinate well.
Next, heat the cooking oil in a wok or deep fryer, and deep fry the marinated chicken pieces.
When done, remove the chicken from the oil, but leave oil heated. Next, fry the same chicken pieces again, this time till crispy.
Finally drain the Enchee Kabin chicken on paper towels until quite dry.

for the garnishment -
Cut some white bread into strips and fry in the same oil that was used for the chicken. Either use fried keropok or prawn/fish crackers (optional) as an alternative.

for the dip (home-made Worchestershire sauce) -
Use either store-bought bottled Worchestershire sauce (eg Lea & Perrins) or make your own which is better :-

Dipping sauce Ingrediants List: goto glossary

a) 2 stalks lemon grass or serai (crushed)
b) 1/4 oz dried chillies
c) 1/4 oz pepper
d) 1/4 oz cloves
e) 1/4 oz nutmeg
f) 1/4 oz aniseed
g) 1/4 oz cinnamon
h) 2 Tbs mustard
i) 250 gm salt or according to taste
j) half pint light soy sauce
k) 1 Kg sugar
l) 2-1/2 pints vinegar
m) small quantity of benzoic acid (optional) for bottling/preservation


Combine and grind the spices together (items a) to g)) with a food processor.
Next, mix all the items a) to l) in a large pot and boil for one hour.
Strain mixture through a muslin cloth.
For long term storage, add small quantity of benzoic acid to mixture after cooling, and after sterilizing a glass bottle, pour and seal the sauce in this bottle

To Serve: Arrange the chicken on a plate with the fried bread strips (or keropok) on the side.
Serve with the dipping sauce and sliced fresh red chillies in individual side plates.

Comments: Fried chicken will never be the same again!


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