Polygonum (malay = Daun Kesom)

Description of Daun Kesom

An essential ingredient for laksa, therefore also commonly known as "laksa leaf" in Singapore and Malaysia.
However, elsewhere this herb is known as Vietnamese Coriander or Vietnamese Cilantro or Cambodian Mint
as it is also an important ingredient in the cuisines of Vietnam and Cambodia.

Above all, the leaf is identified with Vietnamese cuisine, where it is commonly eaten fresh in salads (including chicken salad)
and in the raw summer rolls (goi cuon) and popularly eaten with fertilized duck egg.

In the cuisine of Cambodia, this leaf is known as "chi krasang tomhom" and is used in soups, stews, salads, and
in the Cambodian summer rolls, "naem".

Recipe #1 Penang Laksa uses: Daun Kesom


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