Fresh Chillies (malay = Chillie)

Description of Fresh Chillies

The chilli is found in a bewildering variety of colurs, sizes and flavours in different parts of the world.
There are more than two dozen varieties encountered in South-east Asia, including finger-length chillies in red and green;
medium-length plump chillies which can be yellow, pale creamy white, orange, green or red; tiny bird's-eye, and short bulbous chillies known as tabai Bali, and found in that Indonesian island.
The most common chilli is perhaps the finger-length (Capsicum annum var. longum), of medium intensity on the "heat"
scale. The tiny fiery hot bird's-eye chilli (Capsicum frutescens) is a regional favourite, pounded and added to fresh or raw
sambals and side dishes in Thailand. In the Philippines, bird's-eye chillies are put in a bottle of coconut vinegar which is used as a seasoning.


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