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This website contains my favorite links, photos and my mother's special recipes.

Last updated: April-2011


Hello, visitor to my home page at ccc.per.sg. My name is Chian Chai, and I hope that you enjoy the pictures that you will find in my album, as well as get to know more about me, from viewing them. Of course, since I was the photographer, I do not appear in any of these pictures. My main hobbies are reading, listening to all types of music, and playing tennis. I have been playing tennis for more than 15 years, and I am always on the look-out for new tennis partners! Should you wish to contact me, please do call my mobile phone number 65,96320475 or use email.

I have recently added a new section with my Mother's special (and of course also my favorite) recipes. These recipes will be updated weekly from July onwards. So look out for this new addition if you are interested in Singapore & Penang food and cooking! My goal is to keep alive and to educate on the tradition of Singapore and Nonya cooking.



1.0 My List of Links and "My Favorite Photos"


2.0 My Mother's Special (& my favorite) Recipes

From July-1999 For those who are interested in Singapore & Penang Cooking & Food. Do try out the recipes, and you are welcome to invite me over, in order to give my opinion of whether the food was prepared correctly!


3.0 My Hobbies (collecting stuff)   


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