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My Hobbies and Collections – my knife collection

This web-page contains scans of my knife collection, consisting of

the pocket folders and combat / fighting knives that are in my possession.

Last updated: March-2001


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X.  BenchMade knives 

X - 03. BenchMade 975-S Emerson Design (CQC7) folder  

               Description: Wt=4.8 oz, OL=9.125", Closed=5.25", Blade=3.95" ATS-34 matt combo edge, G10 handle scales, titanium liner-lock & black belt clip

X - 02. BenchMade 9000-S (AFO) auto   X - 04. BenchMade Pat Crawford Leopard folder  

               Description: X-02. Wt=4.85 oz, OL=8.46", Closed=4.71", Blade=3.75" ATS-34 matt combo edge, 6061 T-6 aluminium handle   Description: X-04. Wt=3.90 oz, OL=8.125", Closed=4.56", Blade=3.75" ATS-34 satin combo edge, grey-anodised aluminium handle with belt-clip,   

X - 05 & 06. BenchMade 1000-S Spike autos  

               Description: Wt=3.5 oz, OL=8", Closed=4.45", Blade=3.6" G2 combo edge, blue (X-06.) & black (X-05.) anodised 6061 T-6 aluminium handle with belt clip

X - 07. BenchMade AFCK 800S combo folder  

               Description: Blade=4", ATS-34 combo edge with Spyderco hole, G10 handle scales, liner-lock & black belt clip


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