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                                        – my silver trade dollars

This web-page contains scans showing the first installment of my silver trade dollar collection,
consisting of the French (Indo-China piastre), British, US, Japanese trade dollar,
Japanese silver (1 yen), Hong Kong, Straits Settlements, Austrian (Maria Thieresa thaler),
Mexican (1 peso & 8 reales) , Portuguese (1000 Reis) and the Spanish (8 reales
or "piece of eight") trade dollars that are in my possession.

Last updated: March-2001


                                    The Silver Trade Dollars


    These silver crown size “dollars” were used mainly for trade purposes and chiefly for the China trade (in payment by the Western world, for tea, silk and porcelain-ware from China) for very many years, and certainly up to the early part of the 20th Century. I have also included the Japanese Silver yen and the Straits Settlements silver one dollar coins of the period (from the

reign of King Edward VIII until King George VI) in this category.


    In addition, there is the sub-category of “chopped” or counter-marked coins that were circulated in the China trade; these were applied mostly to the Mexican, British, US and the Japanese coins (a “Gin” mark was also stamped on the Japanese silver one yen coin that was used for trade purposes, and circulated outside of Japan).





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