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         – Nazi German insignia, badges and medals

This web-page contains scans showing the fifth installment of my militaria collections,

consisting of the Nazi German insignia, badges and medals that are in my possession.


Note: This site is not meant to glorify or promote hate or the Nazi cause, but only to document

for academic study and for historical purposes, the medals and military decorations issued by all

the major combatants (to their own military forces – check my other web-pages for French, FFL,

 British and US medals, insignia, decorations and badges) at the time of the last great war,

 during the WW2 conflict in the European theatre.

Last updated: March-2001



D01a -- Iron Cross Cl2         D01c -- Spange, Iron Cross CL2        D02a -- Iron Cross CL2, WW1   

                         D07a -- Iron Cross CL1       D07d -- SPange,  Iron Cross CL1 

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