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         – British   military & Special Forces

                                                      insignia, cap/hat badges & collar badges

This web-page contains scans showing the fourth installment of my militaria collections, consisting of

the British military and Special Forces (such as the Royal Marines Commando, Para Regiment,

 Ghurkas and SAS) insignia, cap/hat badges, collar badges and medals that are in my possession.

Last updated: May-2001

 British Medals


Campaign Service Medal   A.G.S. (Kenya) and G.S.M. (Malaya)             M.B.E. (type 2) and miniature 

B94c -- British WW1 Victory medal      

B104 -- British Crimean War Sebastapol medal      

    Click here for link to  British Regiments and awards website 

Cap Badges

B10,20,101-- badges1  (L-R) Dragoon Grds Inniskillings, 20th Hussars, PTI

B10h -- Royal Hussars 15/19th Regiment cap badge       

B20f -- 2nd Dragoons cap badge       B85 -- 2nd Dragoons "Bays" cap badge  

B28b -- Royal Rifle Brigade    B15 -- V-Force cap badge     B69 -- Marines Drakes Regiment cap badge

B82 -- North Staffordshire Regiment cap badge         

B102 -- Royal Ulster Rifles cap badge (blackened)         


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