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       - French military, commando and

                                                     Special Forces insignia, medals & badges

Pg 2. of web-page containing scans showing the second installment of my militaria collections,

consisting of the French military, commando & Special Forces insignia, badges and

medals that are in my possession. Some of the badges, insignia and medals are used in

common with the French Foreign Legion (FFL) forces.

Last updated: May-2001

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This page has additional Armee de l'Air and Commando Training badges

A101c -- medaille coloniale   ..... also, medal with Extreme Orient bar

A193,193,194 -- Navy Commandos Drago

        (L-R) Commandos Francois, Jaubert, Trepel

A190,191,192 -- Commando Training Bases Drago & Delsart

        (L-R) Drago FFA, 9 Regmt/Zouaves, 2 RIPMa 

A112,113,114 -- Commando Training2 Drago & A.B.

        (L-R) Drago 23 RI, Commando Moniteur, A.B. Commando Instructeur 

A112,113,114 -- Commando Training3 Drago & Delsart

        (L-R) Drago Commando 1st Army Corp, Delsart 129 RI, Delsart 26 RI 

A112,113,114 -- Commando Training4 Drago

        (L-R) Djibouti, 11 RIMA, 9 Zouaves

A112,114 -- Commando Section Drago & Delsart

        (L-R) Commando Section NR7, Section NR2, Section NR1


Armee de l'Air badges -- 8.    9.

Armee de l'Air badges--10.   11. 

Armee de l'Air badges--12.     13.

Armee de l'Air badges--14.

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