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       - French military, commando and

                                                     Special Forces insignia, medals & badges

This web-page contains scans showing the second installment of my militaria collections,

consisting of the French military, commando & Special Forces insignia, badges and

medals that are in my possession. Some of the badges, insignia and medals are used in

common with the French Foreign Legion (FFL) forces.

Last updated: June-2001

A101c -- medaille coloniale   ..... also, medal with Extreme Orient bar

A23 -- medaille militaire

A228 -- French WW1 Victory medal

  Para and Commando badges :-

A110 -- SAS BCCP para  Destree H721

                                           A111 -- ETAP para Drago H605                                 

       A113e -- Commando 1st CHOC elite Delsart

A112a -- Commando instructeur Drago GS85

A114c -- Commando para moniteur Delsart GS98     click on below to goto Pg.2

                                                                      .......... for more Armee de l'air & Commando badges

A01 & A46 -- brevet Para (also used by FFL)   Drago, numbered 397455

   ..... for more brevets Para, click on the icons below

       [Drago nbr],  [Coinderoux][Drago],  

                                                    [Delsart] halo,  [Drago] moniteur[Delsart] instructeur

A11 -- TAP metro (also FFL 2REP) insigne beret A46d -- subdued Para brevet